L’Alliance Française d’Oklahoma City is pleased to announce the 2011 Eleanor Kirkpatrick Franco-American Fellows, and publish their research findings.

  • Jeanne Lynn, Westmoore High School, Moore, Music Education  Report.
  • Kristen Mathias, Oklahoma School of Science and Math, Midwest City, Eating HabitsReport.
  • Chebon Ryan, Classen School of Advanced Studies, Oklahoma City, World Language EducationReport.
  • Samantha Woods, Westmoore High School, Moore, BullyingReport.


The 2011 Fellows from France who visited Oklahoma in October are:

  • Bruce BLIGNY: Memories of the Dust Bowl  Report
  • Jeannette BOTTE: Agriculture in Oklahoma & Picardy: A comparative study  Report
  • Sonya CARON: The French and American Cultures: Always the Same Stereotypes on both sides?  Report
  • Coline DELLIS: A cross-cultural study (USA/France) of global warming perception and risks of natural disasters  Report
  • Colette DUCHATEAU: Wheat Culture and Commercialization in Oklahoma and Picardy  Report
  • Solènne GUILLOT: How important is Indian heritage in Oklahoma today? Part 1 I Part 2 I Part 3 I Part 4
  • Alix PORNON: Immigration and Integration in Oklahoma City  Report
  • Winnie RAZAFINJATOVO: How do American students perceive the French schooling system? Do French students have an ideal vision of studying in America? Report