EKFAF 2015

2015 Fellows & Projects

1.  Kade Wagner“What makes the French French? – A Study on French Patriotism at a Time of National Identity Crisis,” – Harding Charter Prep

2. Jaxon Self“Boyscouts in France” – Classen School of Advanced Studies

3. Samantha Michael“A Comparison of Physical Fitness Between Teenagers in Oklahoma and Picardie France,” – Piedmont High School

4. Jessica Shepard“Fiscal Uncertainty: the role it plays in the life choices of youth and adults in America and France,” – Edmond North High School

5. Natalie Speer“French Students in the Work Force,” – Stillwater High School

6. Teneke Ryan“Les Jeunes et La Communauté: A Study of Voluteerism in the French Lycée,” – Classen School of Advanced Studies

Teneke Ryan said, ” I’m so happy to have visited Chantilly. I really enjoyed the school, living with the family, and meeting new friends during the trip. Special thanks to my host family, réferant, and all others who supported me during these two wonderful weeks as well as the Alliance Française d’Oklahoma City and the Académie d’Amiens.”
Kade Wagner said, “France was not merely another country or another linguistic region; France was a different and wonderful life. I am glad that I was able to live it, if only for a fortnight!”
Natalie Speer said, “I loved getting to pretend to be a french student for two weeks! It was an incredible experience and the students and professors were so kind and helpful! Thank you!!”