The four 2010 Eleanor Kirkpatrick Franco-American Fellows had an enriching experience in Amiens in March, 2010.  They attended classes at the Lycée Robert de Luzarches, toured the town, traveled to the beaches of Normandy, and visited the Champs de Bataille de la Somme.

You can read their research projects by clicking on the links below:

  • Pearl Dang, Classen School of Advanced Studies.  Jules Verne and Amiens: The Ideal City of Yesterday and TomorrowReport.
  • Tiffany Nguyen, Classen School of Advanced Studies.  The Role of the Catholic Church: Modern France vs. Modern AmericaReport
  • Hayden Nunley, Westmoore High School.  La Grande Guerre en Picardie : Ses effets sur le peuple et la perception des Américains :  Report / Blog
  • Anna Stephenson, Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics.  The Differences between the Teaching of Mathematics in France and United States Report

Additionally, you can access the blog for the entire group, which included 13 students from Classen SAS as well as the 4 Fellows, by clicking here.

In April, 2010, six students from the Académie d’Amiens spent two weeks in Oklahoma on the Fellows program.  They attended classes at Classen School of Advanced Studies in Oklahoma City, and conducted research of their own.

  • Mélina BOUREZMA, Lycée Madeleine Michelis, Amiens. Comparison Between French and American People about PollutionReport.
  • Adélaïde CALAIS, Lycée Robert de Luzarches, Amiens: Report.
  • Elise DAIRE, Lycée Madeleine Michelis, Amiens.  Environment and education: a comparison between a French high school and an American high school: Report.
  • Irène DULAC, Lycée Jeanne Hachette, Beauvais.  The Civil Rights Movement in Oklahoma:  Report.
  • Solenne LEVESQUE, Lycée Robert de Luzarches, Amiens. What do Oklahomans think of the French National Health Service and their own and why? Report.
  • Lauriane OBAME, Lycée Jean-Baptiste Delambre, Amiens. American Teens’ Perceptions of the French: Report.